Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Chip Bread

Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Chip Bread

This great combination of fresh pomegranates, dark chocolate chips, and spices is perfect for this cooler weather!

My husband came home from the grocery store with a couple of pomegranates, and the old barista in me started the thinking juices of what I could pair them with when we weren't eating them straight. Of course, I came to the conclusion that it had to be dark chocolate.

And why not? The pomegranates are high in antioxidants and dark chocolate has the same properties in it that red wine does-- the properties that are supposed to be good for your heart! I had been wanting to make some bread for the fall season, so it was just the excuse I needed!

Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Chip Bread

This bread was so delicious! It got eaten as breakfast with cranberry pomegrante juice and coffee, and just because throughout the days-- warm and cold! 

I decided to puree the pomegranates so that there wasn't as much crunchy in every bite from the seeds and also ended up putting a streusel topping on the batter right before baking (yum)! I'm definitely making this again!

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